Pearl Island Causeway: creating a sense of Southeast Asia: a mixed-use causeway strip



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Topic: The American city has long been the model for urbanized centers across the globe. Cities like Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai reflect global aspirations that are increasingly disassociated from place, nation and other forms of belonging. For centuries, the West has asserted a dominant influence. Assertion: In today's post global era, one begins to notice a shift of paradigm, the local informs the global. The question of authenticity is now posed to the west. Thesis: Architectural identity and place with no claim to tradition emerges as a synthesis of imported elements, adjusted with local ideas to meet the needs of indigenous clients. Facility Type: -This phenomenon is observed in the development of island resorts. More specifically, in the use of Southeast Asian architectural styles on an island in Panama, as a tool in the promotion of viable tourism, aimed at the North American market.



Causeways -- Design, Architecture and tourism, Globalization, Culture diffusion, Southeast Asia -- Social life and customs, Pearl Islands (Panama)