The relations of the United States and Turkey during the Menderes Administration and Coup D'etat



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This thesis argues that the US became neutral, which caused ‘passive involvement’ in the coup, toward the internal political unrest of Turkey before the 1960 coup d’etat. This neutrality caused the coup against the Menderes administration. In order to understand US neutrality, this study examines the US relations with Turkey during the Menderes administration, 1950-60. The economic and military policies both countries established neutral stand of the US against the Menderes administration of Turkey. The diplomatic relations of the two countries against the USSR in the Middle East and the Balkans increased this stand. After learning that the RPP (the Republican People’s Party) and the Turkish military were not Soviet sympathizers, the US did not involve in the political clashes of the RPP and the DP (the Democrat Party).



Menderes administration, Turkey, United States relations