Fire station headquarters complex for Mesquite, Texas



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Theory Statement To generate architecture that is a composed whole and consists of smaller parts within the greater system through the application of a systems view of nature and a synergistic balance of the parts. Theory Paragraph A systems view of nature deals with complex wholes. These wholes embody a set of unique characteristics, properties or attributes that can not be reduced to the characteristics, properties, or attributes of its parts. Therefore, not only the interaction of the systems' individual parts must be addressed but also its performance and behavior must be determined synergistically. ^ Synergy is the "behavior of whole systems unpredicted by the behavior of their parts taken separately from the whole."^ By using a synergistic approach, the whole is broken down into the interrelationships of each part, not with the casual linkages of the parts. Context and Facility The context is in the larger system of the Metroplex of Dallas, Texas with the part being Mesquite, Texas. The facility type is the city of Mesquite's Fire Station Headquarters complex. This complex will consist of the fire administration, fire training center, communication center, and working fire station. The complex will house about 50 people working daily.



Fire stations -- Design and construction., Fire stations -- Texas -- Mesquite.