Scheduling algorithm for teaching assignments



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Optimization techniques have been generally limited to problems of moderate size and to well-defined applications. :l\lost of the scheduling problems we consider are :\P-Complete. ~etwork problems are all known to be polynomial time-solvable; therefore, in this thesis a network algorithm is being described and tested. This technique is inexpensive to run and can readily resohe large scheduling and allocation problems. For example, problems with several hundred nodes and over 3000 arcs can be solved in about 2 minutes. In addition to these computational efficiencies. a network serves as an ideal basis for an integrated optimization/information system, and this notion is applied to the often confusing environment of scheduling faculty members to course offerings within an academic department.



Mathematics -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- Management -- Mathematical models, College personnel management -- Mathematical models, Schedules, School -- Mathematical models, Mathematical optimization