Termpgravimetric Analysis of Cotton Fibers: Relationships with Maturity and Fineness




Ethridge, Dean
Hequet, Eric
Abidi, Noureddine

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Wiley Interscience


In this study, we investigated the relationships between the thermal properties versus maturity and fineness (H) of 80 selected cotton fiber samples. The instrument measurements for maturity and H were (1) micronaire as determined with a high-volume instrument, (2) maturity ratio and H as determined with an advanced fiber information system, and (3) gravimetric H as determined by the cut-and-weigh method. Three regions of thermal decomposition were observed between 37 and 150C for region I, between 225 and 425C for region II, and between 425 and 600C for region III. Complete decomposition of the fiber occurred at 600C. The results showed significant effects of the H/maturity indicators on the weight loss and the peak temperamres in regions II and III. High micronaires (coarse or very mamre fibers), high mamrity ratios, and low standard H values were associated with low weight losses. However, high weight losses were associated with high primary cell wall areas per unit mass.




Abidi N., E. Hequet. 2007. Thermogravimetric Analysis of Cotton fibers and Relationships with their Physical Properties, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 103 (6), 3476-3482.