Estimations of building response to stationary and nonstationary winds with consideration of inelastic and aeroelastic effects



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This research deals with the analysis of tall building response under stationary and nonstationary wind considering inelastic and aeroelastic effects and base-isolated tall building response under strong wind. The closed-form solutions of stochastic response statistics including standard deviation, extreme value distribution and fatigue damage are estimated by using advanced random vibration theory and response history analysis is performed to validate their accuracy. Comprehensive parameter studies are carried out to shed insights on the characteristics of tall building response considering inelasticity, aeroelasticity and nonstationary excitation, and performance of base-isolated tall building under strong wind. The characteristics of tornado-induced pressures and responses of a low-rise building frame under a translating tornado as a nonstationary excitation are also investigated based on measurement data. This research not only presents effective analytical approaches but also sheds new insights towards improved understanding of wind-induced response of buildings, contributing to safer and more economical building design against strong winds.



Tall Building, Wind-Induced Vibration, Inelastic, Aerodynamic Damping, Nonstationary Excitation, Base-Isolated Tall Building, Tornado Loading, Low-Rise Building