Evolution of a mesoscale convective system



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Texas Tech University


This thesis presents a description of the evolution of the second of three mesoscale convective systems that passed over the PRE-ST0RM mesonetwork on 3-4 June 1985 Three NC-^JK CP-3 and CP-4 Doppler radar volume scans along with Wichita (NWS) WSR-57 radar scans were analyzed with surface wind and pressure data to explain the complex precipitation structure from 2100 to 0200 GMT The precipitation pattern contained a convective line, a northeastward extension of convection called the northeast band, stratiform precipitation m the northern half of the system, and smaller precipitation structures in the eastern portion of the system Detailed analysis of this system shows that the intersection of the convective line and the northeast band produced strong upward motion within an area of intense convection that influenced the surface pressure pattern and the internal circulation generated by the mesoscale convective system.



Mesometeorology, Convection (Meteorology), Thunderstorm forecasting, Radar meteorology