A horse racetrack for the San Antonio area


I am interested in man's passion for competition and his admiration for beauty in nature. Throughout time man has competed in many events, from simple footraces between two men to tragic wars involving thousands. The objective of these competitions was to find out who was the strongest, fastest, most intelligent, or most powerful. Of the many events that produced such results, those competitions that were simple, beautiful, able to captivate an audience's attention survived and flourished.

Events that pit man against man, in simple athletic competition, or beast raclng beast encompass both competition and emphiasize the beauty of the competitors. The athlete and beast alike, having trained hard and being physically fit, are beautifully proportioned. The joy of the competition is shared by competitors and spectators alike. There are many places in my home state of Texas to view and partake in competitions among men, but a void is found when looking for similar competitions among animals. One such event, full of beauty, is horse racing. The horse is a magnificent sight to behold at full gait in the height of a race, flesh and blood and pounding hoofs, cleariy, nature in the raw. But for all its beauty, horse racing is not without certain social, economic, and moral issues.



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