Teaching values in Texas high school agriscience programs



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Texas Tech University


At the core of the problems in education is the general decline in the foundation and development of morals and values. School is the only constant in many students' lives. It must not only provide academic education, but school must also provide some education to address values and morad development. Parents entrust their children to teachers and believe that teachers behave ethically in the classroom, transmit values upheld by society, and serve as moral models for their students (Sirotnik, 1990). Ryan (1993) believes students must not only think about values, they must also exhibit the correct values as with the Tao, which is everyday moral living.

No major study has been conducted in Texas to identify the values that should be taught in the Texas high school agriscience program or in which instructional component of the agricultural educational curriculima should be used to enhance character education. Lockaby (1997) conducted a national study regarding teaching vadues in agricultural education. It was recommended to be replicated at the state level. Lockaby (1997) found there was almost no research to identify imiversal values and morals. The problem of this study is to design a curriculima to help teach the students in the state of Texas values in the Texas agriscience classrooms.



Agricultural education, Social values, Moral education, Education