Chromium Brine Containment Membrane Demister for the CapiBRiC



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47th International Conference on Environmental Systems


The development of a microgravity air-evaporation urine brine dryer that releases its effluent gas into the cabin of the International Space Station will require some form of a demister to guarantee that no acid, chromium, or other hazardous materials are released within the effluent gas stream. A hydrophobic membrane demister can be used for this application, and can be compatible with the proposed high flow rates of the effluent gas stream. This paper will describe the construction and sizing of such a membrane demister.


Lance Delzeit, NASA Ames Research Center (ARC), USA
ICES303: Physio-Chemical Life Support- Water Recovery & Management Systems- Technology and Process Development
The 47th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in South Carolina, USA on 16 July 2017 through 20 July 2017


Chromium, Brine, CapiBRiC, IWP, membrane, demister