Media multitasking intensity predictors: A human centered & ecological approach to developing audience profiles



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Media Multitasking is the predominant method through which individuals around the world engage with media today. This research addresses a gap in the existing knowledge regarding information that can be used to develop approaches to improve creative and media strategy and better understand media multitasking intensity through the development of audience profiles. An online survey format was utilized to collect information. Findings from the research indicate prediction factors that include demographics, brain bases of individual embodied biological differences in cognition, psychological personality factors and cultural indicators that influence media multitasking intensity. Audiences profiles for low, medium and high intensity level media multitaskers are developed. Approaches for professional communicators to overcome the cognitive challenges for audiences processing persuasive messages in the current media multitasking environment are discussed. Direction for future research is indicated.



Media multitasking, Creative and media strategy, Audience profiles