Filtenna using ultra-wideband fed varactor tuned frequency selective surface



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A varactor tuned frequency selective surface (FSS) is proposed. The FSS is a slotted ring design and is fed by an ultra-wideband (UWB) planar, elliptical, monopole antenna. The design produces a tuning range of 3.2 – 4.5 GHz over a varactor reverse bias voltage of 0 – 4.5 V. In this paper, discussion of frequency selective surfaces – from design to modeling is proposed. Next, ultra-wideband antennas are discussed with emphasis on a planar, elliptical, monopole antenna. Simulations of the antenna and frequency selective surfaces are shown through Ansoft’s HFSS. The proposed tunable structure is simulated using HFSS through two models – a simple model and a model with bias lines. The proposed structure is experimentally verified to prove the tuning ability. Finally, suggested improvements are proposed.



Filtenna, Frequency selective surfaces