A nonlinear electrical analog "Black Box" synthesis of a mesquite wood thermal system



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Texas Tech University


To help answer these questions, it was proposed that a static thermal model of the physical system be developed. The physical system studied would involve field samples of mesquite wood. The research vrould study the effects of borer activity, billet diameter, bark, wood composition, tree top-killing treatment, etc, on the ignition parameters of the mesquite wood. The system, when finally characterized, would be able to predict the temperatures (surface and internal) of a stem of mesquite with respect to time for a given constant thermal environment. The ignition temperature and ignition time of mesquite would also be studied. This information would give the researchers valuable information about the physical, chemical, and thermal properties of mesquite to aid them in achieving more effective prescribed bums.

To achieve these objectives, a constant thermal environment must be used; a mechanism to inject the field samples into the thermal environment must be built; and a system of measurements must be devised.



Wood, Burning of land, Mesquite, Nonlinear programming