Never too many pairs of shoes: Framing and reframing lived literacy experiences through an autoethnographic exploration of the role of life-long learning upon pedagogical development



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While much research has been done on the role of family literacy in shaping the literacy experiences of learners, little has been done on the role of family literacy narratives in shaping the pedagogical practices of the teacher. This autoethnographic narrative inquiry explores how the narrative framing and re-framing of lived intergenerational literacy experiences has shaped educators’ identities in order to improve both classroom pedagogies and family literacy practices. The act of narrative reframing through autoethnographic vignettes in this study serves to strengthen the research methodology. The study constructs a definition of lived literacy experiences and how these experiences have shaped educators’ identities. It provides strategies for improving classroom pedagogies and family literacy practices through the framing and reframing of lived literacy narratives. Finally, it addresses strategies for improving women’s lives through the construction of positive, beneficial lived literacy narratives.



Education study and teaching, Family literacy programs, Literacy, Ethnography and education