The West Texas Aquarium: An adaptive reuse of the Goodpasture grain elevator



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Thesis statement Critical Regionalism reflects the cultural, economic and political values of a region through the adaptation of local building forms to service non-traditional functions. The issues for this section of the program ore 1) Form, 2) Material, and 3) Image. Facility Statement The facility is to be an aquarium that will provide the public with a greater understanding of their local environment, will create a desirable location through the enhancement the existing buildings and the surrounding area, and will promote the research and study of regional flora and fauna. The issues for this section are 1) Orientation, 2) Circulation, and 3) Viewing. Context Statement The location of this project is in Lubbock Texas. It involves the adoptive reuse of the Goodpasture Grain elevator and warehouses. The issues for this section ore 1) Climate, 2) Site Conditions, and 3) Adaptive Reuse.



Architecture, Public aquariums -- Design, Grain elevators -- Remodeling for other use, Texas