The impact of experiences of asexual students in four-year institutions of higher education



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Asexuality, a sexual orientation characterized by a lack of sexual attraction, is a topic that is not widely discussed within society. This leads to misunderstanding about the sexual orientation and contributes to discrimination against these individuals. Within institutions of higher education specifically, there is currently not an understanding of the unique needs of asexual students and how to best support them. This study looked at the experiences of five self-identified asexual students at three different four-year predominantly White institutions (PWIs) of higher education in the United States and found that because of a widespread lack of recognition and understanding about asexuality, these students are often silenced and isolated in institutions of higher education. Because this topic is widely unacknowledged and misunderstood, it is crucial that future research continue to understand the experiences of asexual students, so that institutions of higher education can develop more inclusive practices.



Asexuality, Courtney, Savage, Thesis, Asexual, LGBTIQA, LGBT