Cosmic architecture: Main post office Amarillo, Texas



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"Those of us who are concerned with buildings tend to forget too easily that all of the life and soul of a place, all of our experiences there, depend not simply on the physical environment, but on the patterns of events we experience there..."

  • A quote from The Timeless Way of Building by Christopher Alexander • A building should respond to the culture, geography and history that surrounds it. Cosmic architecture does just that. It uses the elements of a region to express a building's design. This, in turn, makes the building a product of it's place. m t • • m The main post office in Amarillo, Texas will be a free-standing facility that will provide customers and employees with a place not only to conduct business efficiently, but a place that is a visual interpretation of what the city of Amarillo is about. The context of the facility is in the city of Amarillo, Texas. The proposed site is located on the southeast comer of the intersection of North Lincoln Street and Northeast 9"^ Street. The climate of Amarillo is rated as a pleasant, arid climate with the possibility of heavy snowfall in the winter months. Thus, it not only is it necessary to design the facility with the culture and history of the area in mind, but it is also necessary to design the building according to the climate of the region.



Architecture, Post office buildings -- Design, Regionalism in architecture, Amarillo (Tex.)