Petrophysical Characterization of the San Andres Horizontal Play

dc.contributor.committeeChairWatson, Marshall
dc.contributor.committeeChairHenderson, Steven
dc.contributor.committeeMemberGorell, Sheldon
dc.contributor.committeeMemberAsquith, George
dc.contributor.committeeMemberEmadi, Hossein
dc.creatorArora, Aman
dc.description.abstractThe San Andres Horizontal (SAHz) Play in west Texas and eastern New Mexico is a challenging area for petrophysical evaluation due to the complexity of the formation, the presence of residual oil zones (ROZs), and sparse data. Many traditional methods for characterizing the formation have been unreliable, or their applications are hindered by subjectivity and biases. To address these challenges, a standardized petrophysical methodology is proposed for consistent interpretation and comparisons within the SAHz. The study explores different methods for estimating petrophysical properties to synthesize an approach incorporating the best practices. The study shows that although established methods for calculating water saturation often show disparities, the bulk volume water (BVW) gives a consistent and reliable estimate of water content. Furthermore, this study addresses the ROZ challenge by introducing an innovative technique that relies on BVW as a water content estimate and its relationship to effective porosity. This technique aids in identifying the OWC in the San Andres Horizontal Play, offering a more objective and reliable estimate than analogous or extrapolative methods. In addition, the volumetric estimates obtained by applying this proposed methodology highlight the differences in reservoir potential and variations in production between the two study areas, Arrowhead and Bronco. Observations indicate that wells in the Bronco area exhibit comparably higher production potential, while Arrowhead wells have limited prospects.
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dc.subjectlog analysis
dc.subjectsan andres
dc.titlePetrophysical Characterization of the San Andres Horizontal Play
dc.typeDissertation Engineering Engineering Tech University of Philosophy


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