Applying UDL Guidelines to OER Marketing and Outreach



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Association of College & Research Libraries


Open educational resources (OER), open access (OA), and other areas focused on open values have clear connections with Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Much like UDL, open values are focused on student success, accessibility, and educational equity. While these connections between OER and UDL are valuable, this chapter provides a different approach to connecting OER with UDL. In this chapter, I discuss ways for academic librarians to apply the UDL guidelines, as outlined by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST), when marketing information about OER efforts to university stakeholders, including faculty, students, staff departments, and academic administration.


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Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Access (OA), Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Academic Libraries, Marketing, Outreach


Davis, S. (2024). Applying UDL guidelines to OER marketing and outreach. In D. Skaggs & R. M. McMullin (Eds.), Universal Design for Learning in Academic Libraries: Theory into Practice (pp. 195–206). Association of College & Research Libraries.