Elucidation of tropane alkaloid biosynthesis in Erythroxylum coca using a microbial pathway discovery platform


Tropane alkaloids (TAs) are heterocyclic nitrogenous metabolites found across seven orders of angiosperms, including Malpighiales (Erythroxylaceae) and Solanales (Solanaceae). Despite the well-established euphorigenic properties of Erythroxylaceae TAs like cocaine, their biosynthetic pathway remains incomplete. Using yeast as a screen-ing platform, we identified and characterized the missing steps of TA biosynthesis in Erythroxylum coca. We first characterize putative E. coca polyamine synthase- and amine oxidase-like enzymes in vitro, in yeast, and in planta to show that the first tropane ring closure in Erythroxylaceae occurs via bifunctional spermidine synthase/N-methyl-transferases and both flavin- and copper-dependent amine oxidases. We next identify a SABATH family methyltransferase responsible for the 2-carbomethoxy moiety character-istic of Erythroxylaceae TAs and demonstrate that its coexpression with methylecgonone reductase in yeast engineered to express the Solanaceae TA pathway enables the produc-tion of a hybrid TA with structural features of both lineages. Finally, we use clustering analysis of Erythroxylum transcriptome datasets to discover a cytochrome P450 of the CYP81A family responsible for the second tropane ring closure in Erythroxylaceae, and demonstrate the function of the core coca TA pathway in vivo via reconstruction and de novo biosynthesis of methylecgonine in yeast. Collectively, our results provide strong evidence that TA biosynthesis in Erythroxylaceae and Solanaceae is polyphyletic and that independent recruitment of unique biosynthetic mechanisms and enzyme classes occurred at nearly every step in the evolution of this pathway.


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convergent evolution, N-methylspermidine, pathway discovery, tropane alkaloid, rythroxylaceae


Vincenzo De Luca, Understanding how plants produce cocaine, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120, 1, (2023). /doi/10.1073/pnas.2218838120