Federal Rules of Evidence The Legislative and Drafting History



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Texas Tech Law Review


Contains the Federal Rules of Evidence and the rules’ legislative and drafting history. Public Law 93-595 established a reasonably comprehensive set of rules of evidence for federal district courts and certain other federal proceedings and was signed into law on January 2, 1975. Much of the information comes from the history outlined in part by the Senate Committee on the Judiciary in its report No. 93-1277. The approach has been to include only those notes and comments which may be helpful to an understanding and interpretation of the rules as finally enacted; thus, many such notes and comments respecting rules, amendments, or deletions not finally adopted have, in the interest of brevity, been omitted. Further, following a brief history of each rule, the notes and comments relevant to that rule as enacted have been collected for ease of reference.



Federal Rules of Evidence, Legislative history, Drafting history, Public Law 93-595, Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Report No. 93-1277


6 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 773