Extreme value of wind-excited response considering influence of bandwidth



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This paper addresses the peak factors of wind-excited responses including alongwind, acrosswind tall building responses and vortex-induced vibration considering the bandwidth parameter. The influence of bandwidth parameter on the peak factor is investigated using advanced upcrossing theory taking the bandwidth influence into account. Results show that Davenport’s formula without consideration of bandwidth parameter servers well in general. However, the advanced upcrossing theory leads to a better prediction of the peak factor of wind-induced response of very lightly damped buildings.


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Peak Factors, Wind-Excited Responses, Upcrossing Theory, Bandwidth


Huang, G., Chen, X., Li, M. et al. Extreme value of wind-excited response considering influence of bandwidth. J. Mod. Transport. 21, 125–134 (2013). https://doi.org/10.1007/s40534-013-0015-x