Verifying Thermal Models Against Thermal Designs Using the COVeR Software



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46th International Conference on Environmental Systems


Thermal models continue to grow in size and complexity. However, thermal designs are still generally comprised of dissipating components, heat flow paths, and radiators, regardless of the nodalization level of these components. Many commercial codes now generate the complete network model including the conductive couplings, radiative couplings, and heat sources, with potentially thousands of nodes and millions of couplings. This makes it more difficult to ensure that the model is an accurate representation of the intended design. The COVeR (Capture Output and Verify Results) software aids the thermal analyst in verifying that the design is accurately reflected by the model, allowing for block heat flow diagram generation from thermal model outputs. COVeR uses a group philosophy to condense many nodes into their component representation. The total impressed heat load, minimum, maximum, and average temperatures are calculated for each component directly from the thermal model output files. Additionally, the heat flows and conductances between components are also computed and displayed. Two powerful capabilities of the COVeR graphical heatmaps include: (1) connectivity checks to ensure that components are properly connected, e.g. no expected heat paths are missing or unexpected heat paths are present, and (2) heat flow magnitudes to identify if the current design provides sufficient thermal isolation or coupling between components to meet design requirements. This paper outlines the data flows in COVeR and highlights how the graphical heatmaps may be used to aid with model connectivity checks and model/design verification.


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Thermal Modeling Solutions, LLC
Thermal Modleing Solutions, LLC
ICES207: Thermal and Environmental Control Engineering Analysis and Software
Vienna, Austria
Hume L. Peabody, Thermal Modeling Solutions LLC, USA
Sharon A. Peabody, Thermal Modeling Solutions LLC, USA
The 46th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Vienna, Austria, USA on 10 July 2016 through 14 July 2016.


thermal analysis, thermal models, graphical heat maps, graphical heatmaps, block diagrams, COVeR