Elements of stylistic unity and variety in the solo vocal repertoire of Royal L. Brantley



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Texas Tech University


The purpose of this study is to examine and catalogue the vocal songs of Royal L. Brantley (b. 1922) while providing singers and teachers with a new resource for introduction and use of contemporary American art song. Royal Brantley has written 41 art songs, 12 of which have been published by Recital Publications, Huntsville, Texas. His basically neo-romantic style utilizes simple but deeply-felt, high quality text, lyricism, a high degree of linearity, and harmonic coloring that emphasizes the image of the text. The songs are especially appropriate for the college level singer although young singers may benefit from accessible vocal style while advanced singers will be challenged by dramatic interpretation. His music has been performed in recitals, churches and in the theatre, but a detailed examination of his music has been hereto for neglected.



Brantley, Royal, 1922-2003, Vocal music -- Interpretation (Phrasing, dynamics, etc.), Brantley, Royal, 1922-2003 -- Criticism and interpretation, Brantley, Royal, 1922-2003 -- Songs and music