Digital Preservation Challenges with an ETD Collection — A Case Study at Texas Tech University



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The dangers that digital files face can seem merely the stuff of theory and risk assessment matrices until an institution experiences its first data loss; especially when those digital files represent the graduate research output of a university, the potential impact of that loss increases exponentially. The authors present a case study of the challenges one academic library has encountered in the stewardship of its electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) over the course of a decade. This article examines the problems that can arise years after the transition from a physical to electronic collection and presents documentation solutions that can make ETD preservation and curation more effective.


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Electronic theses and dissertations, Digital stewardship, Digital collections, Digital preservation, Dark archives, Digital libraries


Perrin, J., Winkler, H., Yang, L. (2014). Digital Preservation Challenges with an ETD Collection: A Case Study at Texas Tech University. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 41;1 Pages 98-104.