Autonomic management and monitoring of service-oriented programs



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Within the past two decades the development of raw computing power coupled with the proliferation of computer devices has grown at exponential rates. This phenomenal growth along with the advent of the Internet has led to a new age of accessibility - to other people, other systems, and most importantly, to information. With this explosive growth, system complexities are reaching a level beyond human ability to manage and secure. This increasing complexity points towards an inevitable need to automate many of the functions associated with computing today. Thus came the term autonomic computing. Autonomic Computing [121] has a broad scope and might mean different things for different people, but following are come of the important aspects of an autonomic system.

  • Self Awareness
  • Autonomic System Configuration / "Setup"
  • Self Healing
  • Adaptability
  • Hiding Complexity
  • Detect, identify and protect itself
  • Always looks for ways to optimize it's working

In this thesis I will try to address some of the issues related of Autonomic Systems.



SORCER (computer program), Globus, Web services description language (WSDL), JINI/JAVA (network programs), MonALISA