A generalizability theory study of a survey instrument to identify gifted and talented students: the looking for traits, attributes, and behaviors student referral form



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Texas Tech University


Effective ways to identify children from economically disadvantaged and limited English proficient backgrounds for participation In programs for the gifted continues to gain much attention. Numerous Instruments have been developed to aid In the identification process. The Looking for Traits, Attributes and Behaviors Student Referral (TABS) is one instrument designed to specifically aid in the identification of giftedness in the minority child by providing information from educators and other individuals closely associated with the child. However, minimal information has been published about the validity and reliability of the TABS. This study investigated the reliability of TABS utilizing the generalization theory.

Three groups of raters (regular classroom teachers, gifted and talented program teachers, and parents) completed the TABS for 127 third grade students. The group of parents independently rated each student on two occasions three months apart.

Results indicated that minimal variance was noted between the various source of error. Several sample measurement protocals were also investigated. Results suggested that multiple raters provide a more comprehensive view of the student when attempting to screen for participation in a gifted and talented program and the TABS form is a valuable instrument for this process.



Gifted children, Poor, Linguistic minorities