An explanation and application of “The new concept of violin playing” by Dr. Liu Hong


This paper examines Dr. Liu Hong's 5-District Practice System, a theory of violin practice that seeks to provide a thorough understanding of how body parts work during violin playing. Dr. Liu Hong is a violin professor at the School of Music of Shanghai Normal University. His book, "The New Concept of Violin Playing: A 5-District Practice System," provides a unique perspective on coordinating the five districts of the body to produce a better sound. The five districts, which include the Right-hand District, Left-hand District, Clavicle District, Bow/String District, and Lower-body District, interact with each other in complex ways. Learning how these districts interact with each other is essential for achieving a more nuanced understanding of violin playing. The purpose of this paper is to explain and elaborate on Dr. Liu’s 5-District violin practice theory. As a result, readers may understand how body parts interact with the violin and elevate their playing by coordinating the five districts in an integrated manner.



Violin Performance, Violin Practice Method