Narratives of Alienation

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The Narratives of Alienation Podcast project highlights the voices of individuals with dis/abilities. Using sound, I, along with participant volunteers, collaboratively created narratives that reworked what it means to feel alien using metaphors associated with dis/ability. The narratives included soundscapes, characters, and individual story episodes. Within these, the alien, alien technology, and the alien planet served as metaphors that offered a venue for narrative or counter-story. This created a platform to feel through others, and also enabled a way of making sense of oneself by concocting specific worldly reconfigurations or possibilities. It offers a way of seeing and imagining futurities in response to ableism. These narratives are presented as podcasts through a process of rearrangement, production, collection and sharing. The podcast format highlights sound art and collaboration and moves art beyond a representational role or an aesthetic object, to a performative role, a transport station, or a working-through, which offers potentialities (Ettinger, 2005). The making and collecting of these stories will begin to answer these questions: What is otherness in relation to dis/ability? How can art be used to negotiate otherness in relation to dis/ability? What happens in our encounters with each other? Can rethinking through speculative fabulation formulate an ecology of care?

Sound Art, Disability Studies, alienation, voice, speculative fabulation, visual culture studies, counter narratives, master narratives