The virtual reconstruction of a historical monument, based on archaeological and historical data: La Mission de la Santa Cruz de San Saba



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Texas Tech University


Using all sources types I will attempt to reproduce the 18* Century Spanish mission of La Santa Cruz de San Saba, Texas, using virtual reconstruction based on archaeological and historical data. The final product will be a theoretical paper with conjectural computerized drawings and renderings of the mission. Problems might arise from the computer rendering. Although the technology is available the time use to produce a high quality rendering is short. Each computerized rendering uses what is call material library, which allows creating specific materials for particular rendering cases. The virtual computerized reconstruction of La Mis ion de La Santa Cruz de San Saba is one of these cases.



Virtual reality in archaeology, San Sabá Mission, Virtual reality in architecture, Excavations (Archaeology) -- Texas -- San Saba, San Saba (Tex.) -- Antiquities, San Saba (Tex.) -- Buildings, structures, etc, Church architecture -- Texas -- San Saba, Architecture, Spanish colonial -- Texas -- San Saba