A clubhouse for Hsin Chu Country Club Hsin Chu, Taiwan


Theory Statement An architecture of visually organized geometric shapes can stimulate social interactions among people within a variety of occasions and environments. Geometry has played an. important part in architectural design for a very long time. In fact, architectural is made up of different types of regular geometric forms and shapes such as squares, circles and triangles. With a pleasing arrangement of these elements, as determined by historical precedents, aesthetics can expressed to the viewers. Along with aesthetics, a tj physically comfortable environment is more likely to attract m occupants and provide conditions in which human L interactions are more likely to occur. +i 1/1 n Facility Type/Context ^ The facility type is a golf clubhouse for a country club where recreations and private activities are provided to its members and their guests of honor. The whole golfing complex will try to be a regular site for different types of tournaments ranging from amateur to professional levels such as the Asian Tour. The proposed site for the clubhouse will be located within an 18-hole golf course near the suburban area in Hsin Chu, a city south of the heavy-populated capital city, Taipei, in Taiwan.



Clubhouses -- Designs and plans