Selected census information by county for the Lubbock retail trade area



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Lubbock, Texas: City of Lubbock Planning Department



This document is designed to assist data users in determining geographic patterns and demographic relationships by counties for the Lubbock Retail Trade Area, it should be noted that when Sample Data is included on the map this indicates that the data is based upon a sample rather than 100% counts. The sample data was obtained from those persons that received the long form. In a very few cases the Census Data was not available. For median values for the total area a weighted average was used to determine the estimate. These median value estimates should have an error factor of less than 2% due to this type of estimation. Also in the Census of Agriculture some data was suppressed at the county level and estimates were based upon other data that was not suppressed and historical data. Those estimates should have an error factor of less than 5% at the county level and less than 0.5% at the total area level. All data that are estimates are designated as such on the appropriate maps.


Retail Trade, Lubbock County (Tex.), Census, Economic Conditions, Economic Analysis, City Planning