Hand gesture & proximity sensing using wireless power transfer coil: Analysis and application



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After Nikola Tesla’s initial research in the field of Wireless Power transmission not many improvements or developments were done in this field, until now when there is increased popularity of Wireless technology. In a step ahead in the application of wireless power transmission- Near field communication, research was done on Non-contact human interaction using this technology. With moving hand or finger position and gesture, the change in coil inductance was observed and using this this change desired output operations were performed. Initially research was conducted to improve upon the sensitivity of a differential structure based on oscillators and mixers and to reduce the circuitry used to achieve the desired result of using the wireless power transmission coil to not just transfer power but act as a sensor. Later on, application was developed and bringing this to reality and demonstrating how the WPT coils sense the presence of hand or finger and interact with humans. Although the sensitivity of the coil is not much, but it was successfully tested as a sensor and was able to detect the presence of hand and display different pictures depending on where the hand is placed. Also, by looking at the less reliable apple iPhone home buttons and constant presence of home button icon on the screen of the phone, application was developed to replace this with the coil sensor and perform the task same as the home button getting rid of the icon on the screen.



Wireless technology, Near field communication, Sensitivity, iPhone application