A dynamic MAC-layer mechanism using individual mobility state recognition to increase mobile ad-hoc network throughput performance



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This research is based on the inner workings of the Data Link Layer's Media Access Control Sub-Layer. Moreover, it is concerned with creating two dynamic variables with the Request To Send/Clear To Send mechanism that resides in the previously stated sub-layer. This document proposes the creation of a dynamic Short Retry Limit and a dynamic Long Retry Limit. This work goes on to give both a statistical and scientific backing for deciding how the Short and Long Retry Limits should adjust themselves, and what levels they should adjust themselves to, in order to ensure improved network performance when compared to current IEEE default settings.

Overall, this research presents a thorough introduction into a mobile ad-hoc network as well as an in-depth exploration of how the Media Access Control Sub-Layer performs its duties. It also addresses factors that affect performance such as fading environments and mobility. After all of the factors and inner workings have been elaborated on in great detail, the results presented in this paper will be concerning both how the dynamic levels were chosen as well as how the final dynamic Short and Long Retry Limits will be applied and methodically analyzed to understand the impact it had on improving the wireless mobile ad-hoc network performance.



Dynamic, Long retry limit, Short retry limit, MAC-layer