The faculty club


A university is a city for learning. Learning not only by the student, but by the faculty, and all concerned with it. Like all cities it has a need for gregarious life. For students this need is answered in the student center. In the past, the faculty has been allocated a space in the student center called e. 11faculty lounge • 11 This is usually in some obscure portion of the building and is seldom used. In recent years, feeble attempts have been made e.t establishing faculty clubs in their own buildings. A few of these have been constructed, but the facilities provided have not been adequate to sustain a progrPm worthy of the university city. It is the attempt of this designer to create s. fountainhe ad of cemarsderie for the teaching po pulation. It is to be remembered that this po pul r- tion will h!'.Ve a wide cross section of previous cul tural ties and that care must be given to blending, without mixing, these separate characteristics. It is the feeling of this designer that man's purpoee on earth is to learn, to teRch, and to enjoy close associations with his fellow man. If the p ro ~ osed facility can help to fUlfill but a portion of his primordial functions then it will be a success.