Sonochemical Synthesis of Ferrite Nanoparticles

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Rare earth elements have gained considerable attention over the years for their use in a variety of different functional materials. Despite the term “rare”, many elements in this group are more abundant than tin or gold. They are grouped together because of their similar chemical and physical properties, resulting from their unique electron configurations. In this work, various LnFeO3 and LnFe2O4 nanoparticles (where Ln is a rare earth element) were prepared via the ultrasonic-assisted co-precipitation method. Current synthetic methods involve high temperatures and long processing times. However, using an ultrasound-assisted method can circumvent these issues. Ultrasound yields advantages over traditional methods because of its facile, efficient, and environmentally friendly nature. In addition to preparing these materials sonochemically, the effects of indirect and direct application of ultrasound and various synthetic parameters were investigated. Finally, these materials were used as photo-Fenton-like reagents for the catalytic degradation of Orange II, a common wastewater pollutant.

ferrite, sonochemistry, lanthanoid, ultrasound, nanoparticles