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Texas Tech University


The ocean's of the world are one of the main sources of our daily protein. Fishes and algae from the oceans provide us with protein and iodine that our bodies need for a balanced diet. People around the world benefit from the world oceans either as a mean of transportation or as a source of daily nutrition. Most of the world populations are concentrated along the global shores. Besides that, the discovery of oil and gas fields on the ocean floor stunulated the development of new technologies. As we can see, our oceans give us a lot of treasures and resources which are helpful to us. Since the beginning of history, mankind has taken advantage from the richness of the oceans. However, not much has been done to preserve our wealthy oceans.

Thus, I propose the construction of a marine research laboratory at New Smyma Beach, Florida. The main goals of this laboratory are to study the physical characteristics and the marine life of the Atlantic Ocean. The studies should help the scientists in learning more about the ocean and its effects on our lives. This center would not only do research but would also act to conserve the ocean. We have to pay attention to preserving our oceans, which are one of the limited natural resources of the planet Earth. When the oceans are gone, there is not much we can do to get them back. Conservation of our oceans today might be helpful to our future generations. Conservation of our oceans is important not only to preserve the natural habitat but also to preserve our global climate. Through this conservation effort, scientists and the public will gain a better understanding of the ecosystems in existence today.



Visitors' centers, Marine ecology, New Smyrna Beach (Fla.), Oceanography -- Research, Marine biology, Laboratories