Student-athlete or athlete-student?: A comparative study on the effects of role identity, time constraints, and motivation on academic success and satisfaction with college-life experience



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The conclusions from research on collegiate student-athlete academic success are mixed, especially regarding their academic success when compared to non-athletes. In addition, findings are inconclusive regarding the affects athletic motivation has on academic success of student-athletes. My study will contribute to these areas and determine the extent to which: 1) time constraints differ between student-athletes and non-athletes, 2) student-athletes’ grade point average differ from non-athletes, 3) the effects of time constraints, academic demands, and college-experience satisfaction on athletic motivation and athletic career aspirations, and 4) the affect of time constraints on the overall satisfaction with the college experience as it differs between student-athletes and non-athletes. Specifically, but not exclusively, I will address questions such as “What is the difference between the academic motivation of student-athletes and non-athletes?” “Are general population students more satisfied with college than student-athletes?” “What is the primary identity held by student-athletes and how does it affect academic and athletic success and college experience?” Comparisons will be made to the general student population and according to gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, sport played, scholarship level, and participation in life skills programs.



Student-athletes, Academic success, College experience, Motivation