A laboratory analysis of cement permeability of typical cement mixtures used in the Permian Basin



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In the Petroleum Industry today, downhole cement plays an important role during drilling & production operations. It is responsible for lending strength to the casing for future production, it helps in preventing collapse of the formation, as well as restricts fluid movement between permeable zones. This downhole cement however, has different problems in the field from inadequate compressive strength, early setting of slurry etc. But of all these problems, sulfate attack on downhole cement is probably the biggest one facing the industry today. Another problem in use of different cement slurries has been the traditional lack of research for cement permeability, which has the biggest influence on the degree of this sulfate attack. Thus Texas Tech University & BJ Services have thus carried out a new study in my thesis, where we have studied & analyzed how sulfates in water react with the dry cement initially by measuring this initial permeability. Thus a study has also been carried out in measuring cement permeability of typical cement slurries used in the Permian Basin, something not yet documented & recorded officially before. This will give us a better understanding of cement properties for future reference.



Pozzolan, Permeameter, Permeability, Cement, Sulfate