Genetic stock structure of walleye in Lake Meredith, Texas with implications for management



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Texas Tech University


Stock identification is necessary for effective management of a variety of species including the walleye (Stizostedion vitreum vitreum). Regional genetic variation has been demonstrated in walleye; however, little is known concerning genetic variation in intralacustrine walleye populations. At present, small lake, reservoir, and river populations are assumed to be genetically homogenous, yet no evidence exists to validate this assumption. These systems often contain more than one spawning- population, and genetic subdivision could potentially occur as a result of the walleyes' homing ability. Further, temporal segregation could occur at a particular spawning site during the spawning period. Of additional concern is genetic structuring which may occur during nonreproductive periods. The present study evaluated genetic heterogeneity and genetic segregation within a spawning reservoir walleye population. The study was undertaken to identify intra-reservoir walleye stocks which may be important to the management of the species.



Walleye, Lake, Fish populations, Fishery management