Development of Carbon Dioxide Removal Systems for Advanced Exploration Systems 2013-2014



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44th International Conference on Environmental Systems


The Atmosphere Revitalization Recovery and Environmental Monitoring (ARREM) project was initiated in September of 2011 as part of the Ad- vanced Exploration Systems (AES) program. Under the ARREM project, CO2 removal and associated air drying efforts are focused on improving the current state-of-the-art systems utilizing fixed beds of sorbent pellets by seek- ing more robust pelletized sorbents, evaluating structured sorbents, and ex- amining alternate bed configurations to improve system efficiency and relia- bility. These development efforts combine sorbent screening and characteri- zation, testing of sub-scale and full-scale systems, and multi-physics comput- er simulations to evaluate candidate approaches, select the best performing options, and optimize the configuration of the selected approach. The select- ed subsystem is then implemented in a full-scale integrated atmosphere revi- talization test. This paper describes the carbon dioxide removal hardware design and sorbent screening and characterization effort in support of the ARREM project within the AES program. The development of CO2 removal and associated air-drying subsystem models and simulations under the AR- REM project is discussed in a companion paper.


Tucson, Arizona