Counselor’s perceptions on enlisting the involvement of a client’s support network: A multicultural competency

dc.contributor.committeeChairBradley, Loretta J.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberFroeschle-Hicks, Janet G.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberCrews, Charles R.
dc.creatorJennings, Stephen L.
dc.description.abstractThe American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics (2014), states that Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) recognize that support networks hold various meanings in the lives of clients and consider enlisting their support. The purpose of this study was to assess how well LPCs understand relevant multicultural issues and how effectively they can encourage members of a client's social network to provide appropriate support. Researchers have shown that support networks are an integral part of a person’s life and are essential for mental wellness. Social relationships are hypothesized to be helpful in two ways: indirectly, by buffering stress in difficult times; and directly, by providing assistance, emotional support, and a sense of belonging that can alleviate or buffer stress as well as improve satisfaction with life, whether or not stress is present (Caplan & Caplan, 2000; Dalgard & Tambs, 1997). Enlisting the involvement of a client’s support network, while complex, becomes especially complicated when the counselor and the individuals with whom they consult come from different cultural backgrounds. The findings from this study indicate there are various barriers to consulting with a client's support network, such as language, socio economic status of the client, and the LPCs cultural awareness. The findings further indicated that while LPCs have developed the skills to consult and involve a client's support network in counseling, there is still a need for further training to enhance them.
dc.subjectMulticultural Competencies
dc.subjectCounselors Perceptions
dc.subjectSupport System
dc.titleCounselor’s perceptions on enlisting the involvement of a client’s support network: A multicultural competency
dc.typeThesis Education Tech University of Philosophy


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