Investigation of an advanced technique to select an optimal inhibition and removal method of paraffin deposition in oil wells



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Texas Tech University


From the very beginning of the business of hydrocarbon exploitation, the problem of paraffin deposition was encountered with varying degrees. With oil exploitation expanding into exotic frontiers like deep-water and the Arctic Circle, wax deposition became a greater challenge for the operators. Various mechanical, thermal and chemical methods are used to remove and prevent wax deposition. However, it is often difficult to select the most effective and economic remedial measure for a given situation. Due to uniqueness of every crude, there is no single technique that is most effective for all types of crude oils.

The main objective of this thesis project is to explore the feasibilities of using computer-based consulting systems, commonly known as expert systems, to select the best remedial measure of wax deposition in a given situation.

Extensive literature survey was carried out to understand and collect information on the phenomena of wax deposition and removal/prevention techniques. A separate survey was conducted to understand expert systems in general and also to find out the criteria and resources required for building one. Then a feasibility study of building an envisioned computer system was conducted. Steps were also taken to initiate the building of an expert system.



Petroleum, Computer-aided engineering, Oil wells, Expert systems (Computer science), Paraffin deposition, Paraffin wax