Critical thinking attitudes of county extension educators in Texas



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Critical thinking has long been considered as an important value at all levels of education, and particularly in higher education. However, having critical thinking skills alone is not enough to appropriately identify an individual as a proficient critical thinker. An individual also needs to have a strong attitude toward critical thinking. The purpose of this study was to describe and compare the critical thinking attitudes of county extension educators currently employed by Texas Cooperative Extension System. The Cooperative Extension System in Texas consists of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Prairie View A&M Cooperative Extension Program. This study utilized stratified random sampling to create a proportionate sample to the overall population of county Extension Agents in Texas as of Fall 2020 based on their primary programmatic areas. This study described the participants on demographic characteristics of age, gender, highest level of education, and years working as a county extension agent. It also described the average scores of the critical thinking attitudes of respondents. It was found that no significant relationships existed between critical thinking attitude and respondents age, gender, education level, or work experience. It was also found that there were no significant differences of critical thinking attitude between the different programmatic areas.



Critical Thinking Attitudes, Critical Thinking, Extension Educator, County Extension Agent, Extension Agent