Enhancement of boiling heat transfer through vapor suction



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Texas Tech University


The problem of heat dissipation from a surface generating very high heat fluxes is studied. Previous studies have been conducted using jet impingement on the heater surface in pool boiling to enhance the heat transfer. In the present study, a novel technique of vapor removal through suction is investigated. A 5 mm by 5 mm Inconel sheet heater was used, heated by a DC power source in a pool of saturated water. Effects of different factors such as suction flow rate, suction nozzle distance from the heater, nozzle geometry and nozzle angular position with respect to the heater surface, are investigated. Data of suction tests are compared with non-suction test results. The results of the present study suggest that the suction technique is very effective in enhancing the critical heat flux and convective heat transfer coefflcient from very high heat flux surfaces. In the present study, an enhancement as high as 1600% in critical heat flux over the non-suction test results was achieved.



Heat -- Transmission, Film boiling, Nucleate boiling, Vacuum technology