Optimization of the discharge characteristics of an electron beam sustained discharge for opening switch applications



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Texas Tech University


For an opening switch an attaching gas must be used to obtain a fast opening time in a diffuse discharge. In the process of optimizing gas mixtures in an electron beam sustained discharge, three different types of gas mixtures are presented. The first type of gas mixture utilizes one attaching gas, C2F6, Ternary gas mixtures, utilize two attaching gases, C2F6 and CF4, and are used in the optimization process for repetitive switching in an inductive energy storage system. The last type of gas mixture contains argon as a buffer gas with the Penning admixture C2H2, which increases the ionization efficiency of the gas mixture. Recommendations are made for a repetitive switch for inductive energy storage, a closing switch, and an opening switch.



Electric beams, Electric switchgear, Electric discharges through gases