Establishment of a biological laboratory at the Antarctic McMurdo Base in the Continuing United States Antarctic Research Program.




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Recommendation for the establishment of laboratory facilities in the Antarctic by the National Academy of Sciences, Committee on Polar Research and the employment of a full-time coordinator was implemented by NSF Grant G-5758 to the Arctic Institute of North America, June 27, 1958. General planning began in April 1958 by members of the Committee on Polar Research, Panel on Biological and Medical Sciences; the Coordinator took over full responsibilities on 1 July 1958; purchasing authorized on 14 July began on 22 July 1958 and terminated 30 June 1959. Equipment requirements were worked out with members of the panel, the Antarctic Program Office of the National Science Foundation, and in consultation with other contributing scientists. The scientific house, Will Corporation of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland, provided professional advice and services am export packed and marked all shipments in complete accord with COMNAVSUPFOR instructions. The equipment was displayed and visually inspected prior to packing at Will Corporation warehouse in Maryland. A listing of all materials is attached as an appendix.


Progress Report - NSF Grant G-5758.