Factors influencing exercise adherence in adolescents



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Texas Tech University


This study investigated the influence of family and friends on the exercise habits of young adolescents. The sample consisted of 7th grade students ranging in ages 11-14 years (163 boys and 123 girls) from three middle schools in the Hurst- Euless-Bedford Independent School District in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Each individual completed a questionnaire based on the World Health Organization's "Health Behavior in School Children" project. The questionnaire consisted of multiple choice questions about exercise habits of the subject and significant others. The questionnaire was given by the teacher to the students during school hours. The data from the questionnaire were analyzed using one-way analysis of variance to determine gender differences. Pearson's r was used to analyze the association of the criterion variable (activity level of the adolescent) and four predictor variables. The four predictor variables included (1) leisure-time physical activity of significant others, (2) direct support of significant others, (3) direct help in exercising from parents, and (4) value of physical activity of significant others. Stepwise multiple regression analysis was used to determine the predictive value of the potential areas of influence. In addition, two-way ANOVAs were used to analyze the association between the criterion variable and physical activity of and support for physical activity from significant others. Results indicated that parents and friends do have an influence in the physical activity of adolescents. The study did not show one factor being more influential than another in the exercise habits of the adolescent.



Physical fitness for children, Exercise, Health behavior in adolescents