Live + learn: A prototype art school with adjoined living space for homeless youth




Boucher, Aaron Paul

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thesis statement: Cognition of transparency as variable spatial stratification creates redefinable space and social interaction.

scope: The project is to provide shelter and a learning environment for the homeless youth it houses. The parkscape will create an intermediary zone for interaction between the inhabitants and the surrounding community.

facility statement: The facility is a prototype art school with adjoined living space for homeless youth. The building becomes a multi-functional microcosm of private live and work space as each of these functions connect directly to an outdoor space. The building blurs the line between what is public and private. It's creation of landscape in a city otherwise devoid, creates intermediary zones between the city and the prototype. The hybrid does not conceal it's presence of its utility. It engages those inside with the general public.

context statement: The proposed site is located in downtown Lubbock, between 14th and 15th Streets and Avenues J and K. Surrounded by autonomous concrete buildings, the park becomes a visible and temporal transitory zone.



Art schools -- Design, Shelters for the homeless -- Design, Multipurpose buildings -- Design, Homeless youth -- Rehabilitation, Homeless youth -- Dwellings, Homeless youth -- Education, Lubbock (Tex.)