Oversampled filter banks with built-in error correction capabilities



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During recent years, oversampled filter banks with perfect reconstruction (PR) have become very popular as they provide increased design freedom for the filters, allow higher attenuation in the stop-band and also provide a very good noise immunity. The goal of this thesis is to design oversampled filter banks with builtin error correction capabilities as presented in [16] and extend the error correction scheme for multiple impulse errors. We intend to compare the performance of traditional channel coding with critically sampled filter banks (Modified DFT filter banks [6]) versus joint source channel coding using oversampled filter banks. The set up is tested on memoryless channels that corrupt the bits during the transmission causing impulse errors [14] for a speech-like input signal (AR1 process). We anticipate that the redundancy introduced by oversampled filter banks not only provides reliable communication like channel codes but also leads to the improvement in the quality of the reconstructed signal.



Electric filters, Signal process, Filter banks, Signal extensions